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Supporting UK exporters with all their certification needs

What do we do?

We provide export health certificates (EHC's) and Intra Trade Animal Health Certificates (ITAHC's) to allow the export of products of animal origin and animals to Third countries and animals to EU member states.

We  can help you with your support attestation needs.

We certify products of animal origin to make sure they are suitable for export from the UK to their intended destination. We check the traceability of products to make sure they meet the requirements of all parties.

We offer nationwide coverage for provision of export services through our employed network of Official Veterinarians and registered veterinary surgeons across the UK.

For further information check out our Certification Process section 

What type of certifications can we provide?

As OVs we can issue the following export health certifications:

  • Certification for food from animal origin (meat, meat preparations or meat products)
  • Certification for germplasm export
  • Certification for other animal products for non-human consumption, like hides and skins
  • Support attestations
  • Certification for the commercial and non-commercial export of animals, including small animals, poultry and ungulate exports

Not sure what type of health certification you need? Check out the government guidance.

Where are we?

Our nationwide footprint puts us in the right position to provide full UK coverage to fulfil your export certification requirements.

Looking for an OV to certify?

Looking for an OV to certify?

Are you looking for an OV to certify your consignment? Please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help support your business